Over 15 years of legal experience representing Plaintiffs and Defendants in State and Federal Courts and Appellate Courts


Experience with complex litigation, such as Class Actions and Multi-District Litigation


Experience with litigation involving highly regulated industries


Graduate degree in Molecular Genetics 

Our Experience

Biological Sciences

  • Knowledge of biological systems, genetics, and mycology

Multi-District Litigation

  • Briefing, discovery, and management of MDL suits

Securities Litigation

  • Investigation, Briefing, and Document Review in Securities Class Action Litigation

Class Actions

  • Claim analysis, briefing, and administration of state and national class actions

Personal Injury

  • Briefing and medical record review 


  • Experience with drug product liability, nursing home litigation, and other healthcare issues 

Product Liability

  • Briefing, discovery, case analysis for product liability claims and class actions

Shareholder Derivative Suits

  • Briefing and discovery for shareholder litigation


  • Commercial trucking litigation